About us

Who are we?

GoAds is published by the company Advertise Me: a digital agency that is developing innovative technologies for performance marketing on digital devices.
The agency takes care of more than 750 clients in Europe, helping them to generate traffic, collect leads and monetise advertising spaces.

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The goal of GoAds is to offer high-quality advertising content without interfering with the internet user's browsing.

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Privacy Policy

Advertise Me, the publisher of the GoAds solution, is a key player in the world of online advertising. We connect publishers wishing to monetise their available ad spaces with advertisers who want to advertise on the internet.
Our work entails displaying personalised advertisements to internet users, based on their interests and their browsing history.

GoAds places cookies on your browser. They are completely anonymous and you can delete them at any time. Cookies may also be placed on your browser by our publishing partners; these cookies will enable us to display offers that are even more personalised.

Plusieurs possibilités vous sont offertes pour gérer les cookies. Tout paramétrage que vous pourrez entreprendre sera susceptible de modifier votre navigation sur Internet et notre site ainsi que vos conditions d'accès à certains services nécessitant l'utilisation de cookies. Vous pouvez faire le choix à tout moment d'exprimer et de modifier vos souhaits en matière de cookies, par les moyens décrits ci-dessous.