You ask, we answer

> What are the conditions for registering ?

Registration is free and without obligation. Once the membership form is filled out, each site is checked before being approved to join the media sales house.
GoAds reserves the right to turn away a site if its content or traffic do not meet GoAds quality policy.

> How are campaigns published ?

GoAds gives you the opportunity to publish its campaigns in different dynamic ad formats.

Running a campaign requires a rotating tag that is specific to the chosen format to be placed on your site. If you have any questions regarding campaigns, do not hesitate to contact your dedicated account manager.

> Can I choose the campaigns that I wish to publish ?

The GoAds targeting technology is designed to display the most appropriate and lucrative offers from among the catalogue of available campaigns in your advertising spaces.
GoAds thus selects the best campaigns for you.

> Is it possible to send campaigns via email ?

In general, email campaigns are not authorised by GoAds.
However, you can approach your dedicated account manager, who will study each request on a case-by-case basis according to the restrictions of the advertisers.

> Invoicing and payment

The approval period for campaign statistics is 30 days. At the end of this period, they are considered to be approved.

The interface made available to you allows you to generate an invoice request, which will serve as the basis for a definitive invoice.

Payments are made by bank transfer 45 to 60 days from the date on which the invoice was issued.

> Fraud and sanctions

GoAds integrates "anti-fraud" functionalities that can automatically detect suspicious distribution statistics. The following types of fraud will lead to earnings being invalidated and the closure of your account on the network:

  • Offering incentives for clicking or giving a lead (unnatural incentive)
  • Use of robots or other processes for generating fake traffic
  • Collecting internet users' data without their explicit consent
  • Modifying the graphic elements made available to you without our prior agreement.